Welcome at Fehat Company Ghana Ltd.


Fehat Company Ghana Ltd is a full partner company of World Trade Holland specialised in Import Products like:  

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    • Fish, Sardines canned in oil and frozen, Horse Mackerel - and all other kinds Pelagic Fish species. 
    • Meat Pork Parts and Pork Leg, Cow Parts
    • Chicken and Chicken Parts

Bulk products like:  Fish Meal, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Layer Concentrate for Egg laying Chicken.


Agriculture products like: 


We can deliver also all kinds of agriculture machinery, Construction Machinery and Logistic Machinery and luxury products from Europe. Like Luxury Cars, 4x4 Vehicles, and so on... Please sent your whishes and we will reply to you.

New and very good secondhand.


Our aim is to deliver the best possible quality for reasonable prices

Requirements for our Clients: All clients must be able to pay 50% at moment of ordering, 50% At shipping moment and sending moment of your BL or 100% operative site LC from a well known European or Africa Bank. Without these intensions don't border to call us, we are not interested !!

Felix Hator at WTH Enviromental Cleaning & Scrap Project - 2011

Contact:  Mr. Felix Hator - Tel: +222- (Mauritania)  or direct for Ghana +233- Fehat@worldtradeholland.com or fehatgh@gmail.com

For EU contact call Mr. P.M.A. Winkelhorst +49-2564-398786 (Germany / Holland) Winkelhorst@worldtradeholland.com